Meek Mill ‘sentenced to two to four years in prison for probation violations’


Rapper Meek Mill has been sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating his probation, according to US media reports.

It’s after he was jailed in 2008 on drug dealing and gun charges.

He’s been on probation ever since and was arrested in March after a fight in an airport and again in August for reckless driving, but both charges were dropped.

However, a judge said both arrests were a breach of his probation.

Prosecutors also provided evidence of failed drugs tests.

Jay-Z, who’s Roc Nation company represents Meek Mill, called his punishment “unjust and heavy handed”.

Jay-Z post on Facebook calling the sentence "unjust and heavy handed"

This isn’t Meek Mill’s first run in with the law.

In 2015, his girlfriend at the time Nicki Minaj promised judge Genece Brinkley that she would keep him on the straight and narrow after lawyers argued that he changed his travel schedule without court approval and had missed a drug test.

His imprisonment is a surprise.

Lawyers had recommended that Meek Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, not be imprisoned for the probation violations, noting he’d been off drugs since January and has complied with most requirements of probation, according to CBS.

However, Judge Brinkley is reported to have said that she’s been trying to help Meek Mill for 10 years but the rapper does what he wants.

Meek Mill’s lawyer says they’ll appeal against the sentencing.

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