Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Speaks Out Regarding His Divorce From Reverend Anita

As the pastor for the Christ Church Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome chose to keep his silence regarding the divorce suit filed by his wife for about a week. He finally made the decision the allegations must be faced. During the church’s monthly global communion, Pastor Chris broke his silence, and called the allegations against him both stupid and crazy.


According to Pastor Christ Oyakhilome, divorce goes against his biblical beliefs. He only considered the option because it was insisted on by his wife. He does not believe divorce should be considered by the Christians, but he understands due to certain circumstances there is no choice for a Christian but to take the path leading to divorce. He additionally stated that just because a Christian chooses divorce, it is not necessarily right.


Pastor Chris spoke of a marriage to a man of God, and does not feel this marriage makes a woman of God automatically. He believes this is the reason so many of the women who married Men of God were not listed in the bible. There is no doubt the media reports regarding the divorce have become messy, and this is especially true in both Nigeria and South Africa. The comments the media have made have been stupid, and Pastor Chris criticized the media because they pried into his personal life. He does not believe they had this right.

Pastor Christ Oyakhilome has asked all the members of his church to say prayers for his estranged wife. The sad fact is the things the media houses stated he was doing were untrue, and he was never even accused. The media houses additionally accused Pastor Chris of committing numerous stupid actions, and he did not do any of those things. He stated he was not a part of those kinds of discussions, and he did not commit the stupid acts running rampant in the media.


Pastor Chris spoke of the frivolous charges many used to accuse Jesus Christ. He said there will always be people who desire these things to be true, but the accusations leveled against Jesus did not change anything because he remained the same. Pastor Chris also talked about the difference between a Man of God and a preacher. He was never a preacher, and has always been a Man of God. According to one of the founding members of the church, the difference between a Man of God and a preacher is a man of God does not simply preach to God or worship God. The course of a man of God is determined and directed by God, and only God sets his course. This is the reason his members are advised to be wise, and keep their focus on God’s words. Nothing should be judged before its time comes, and the words of those wishing to have a feast over the saga of the divorce should not be allowed to make it into something bigger than it is.


Pastor Chris’s church, the Christ Embassy is one of Nigeria’s biggest denominations. The branches cover the world, and the membership numbers in the thousands. This has not stopped social media from trending the details of the divorce between Pastor Christ Oyakhilome, and his previous wife Reverend Anita. The reports surfacing on August 29th stated Reverend Anita ended the marriage that has lasted for twenty years through an action in the United Kingdom courts. Her grounds were reported as unreasonable behavior and adultery. Later reports indicated all information regarding Reverend Anita had been removed from the website of the church by the church. This also included all her pictures. Pastor Chris is threatening a lawsuit against the journalists who reported the divorce.

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