know more about love on this valentine’s day

know more about love on this valentine’s day

Love is such a holy and sacred relation which is not of two hearts that decides life. But love is a subject on which everyone’s opinion is different. If love is true then God also has to bow down, but it may be wrong to say that today’s young generation is sacred to the so-called true love every day.

Earlier, in the park and the gardens, there was a physical and lustful love of youth that appeared to be called abusers in the name of many love and now these obscenity brought in youth metro and buses also. In fact, today’s young generation has no knowledge of love’s limitations.

In their eyes, it is love to show love by showing others. Khullam Khulla will love and love and then fear the misery like this, today’s young generation has made a knit and drank it. Indian young generation has completely forgotten the love stories prevalent in Indian society in the Bay of Western civilization. He has forgotten how the love of Radha and Krishna was pure and unpretentious.

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When you love someone, then his realization is beyond expression. This love is reflected in our behavior with that person. In our quest to fulfill his every need. When the relationship of love is so deep then there should be the same depth in the manner of telling it. What to do this Valentine’s day on which every lover of life becomes the gift of happiness.

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Today, there is an attack on every side that Valentine’s Day is against our civilization, but perhaps those who say these things, it seems to be the market form of this festival. Valentines means not to give a gift, to give a gift, or to do anything else, this festival means promoting love in society and promoting unity and love in society is not a bad thing. However, due to some misguided movements of youth, obscenity appears to be spreading in this festival but we should try that the festival does not become obscene. On this day you encourage love in society and make your Valentine unique.

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