The Best Products for Oily Skin

1. Facial Moisturizer

Adcos dry lotion:

Healing lotion with dry action of pimples. It controls the oiliness and disguises imperfections, has a matt effect (no gloss), protects against UVA and UVB and oil-free rays.

Moisturizing Anti-Perfects Normaderm:

Reduction of imperfections: irregular relief, enlarged and clogged pores. Mattifying action and neutralizes brightness. The skin regains its healthy appearance. The imperfections diminish, the skin becomes smoother and uniform with refreshing texture, light and not greasy

2. Solar Protector

Roc Minesol Oil Control SPF 30:

Controls oiliness and leaves your skin with a texture like you’ve never had with another sunscreen. Its daily use controls the layer that favors the appearance of fat cells, in addition to preventing the premature aging of the skin.

Ada Tina Normalize Matte FPS 50:

It is a sunscreen with Tinosorb M and Tinosorb S sunscreens, which give high broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. The makeup of the protector is enriched with Ada Tina’s Dry Touch technology, a unique combination of polymeric silicas that provide the skin with an extra-dry touch with prolonged effect. It has light texture and extra dry touch and fast absorption. Contains no fragrance and parabens.

Products for Oily Skin

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3.Facial soap

Normaderm Bar Soap:

Cleans and purifies oily skins with a tendency to acne. Its formula with salicylic acid and glycolic acid, active exfoliants recognized by dermatologists; cleanses the skin and reduces imperfections.

Effaclar Bar Soap:

It makes a precise, fine and directed micro-scrub in order to unclog the pores, respecting the skin. Its mild cleansing vegetable base is enriched with antibacterial and seborgulatory agents to eliminate excess oils and impurities from the skin.

4. Facial Scrub

Galderma Ionax Scrub:

It is a creamy facial soap with abrasive action, having in its formula Benzalconic Chloride, a powerful antiseptic and disinfectant. Used in treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, its polyethylene granules effectively free your pores from accumulations of secretion due to their abrasive action. Galderma Ionax Scrub works as a sparkling cleanser with nice lemon fragrance and was developed for the treatment of acne and oily skin.

Dermovitin Bar Scrub:

It has been specially developed for skin exfoliation. Its formulation with exfoliating microspheres removes the impurities on the surface of the skin, unclogging the pores and aiding in the prevention of acne. Deep cleaning.

5. First Facial

Primer Magix Avon:

Controls skin brightness for up to 10 hours, is colorless, fits all skin tones and comes with SPF 20.

Primer Koloss:

Decreases fine lines, fine marks and pore size, plus matte finish and more durability to make-up.

ClearSkin Deep Cleansing Avon Facial Tonic Lotion:

Cleans and tones the skin as it penetrates the pores by removing excess oiliness and traces of impurities without drying the skin. Contains Salicylic Acid, an effective acne fighting ingredient.

Secateur Oil Control:

Alcoholic lotion indicated to control the excess oiliness of acneic and oily skin. It helps in clearing the pores, attenuates and prevents the acne process, and promotes cell renewal. It has a refreshing, dry and soothing action.

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