The 3 basic exercises you must do to get strong

In the gym we have a lot of machines for bodybuilding , but there are three exercises that are fundamental if you want to get bigger.

Many times we get to the gym and we are overwhelmed by the amount of machines that there are. While it is true that the vast majority are very useful and serve to isolate certain muscles, there are three fundamental exercises on which the growth of muscle mass must be based: they are multiarticular, since they involve several areas of our body, and require a higher energy expenditure by our body. We tell you what they are. find out more on fitmen45plus.

  1. Dominated

For anyone who is willing to train their backs, chin-ups are essential . Its main objective is to widen the back . To execute it, we have to have a horizontal bar with a prone grip (that is, the palms of the hands facing outwards), and we must separate the hands somewhat beyond the height of the shoulders.

The correct execution of the exercise is done raising and lowering our own weight, from a position in which we extend our arms completely and relax the shoulders, until we raise the chin over the horizontal bar. To work as effectively as possible this exercise, we must concentrate all the energy on our lats (not on our biceps), and we must use a grip as wide as possible to emphasize the upper dorsal.

  1. Bench press

A classic among the exercises used to strengthen the chest. Like the dominated ones, it involves doing so much strength that it is one of the three basic ones. The best thing in this case is to use a wide grip , that is, the hands are separated beyond the shoulders, so as not to involve too much the triceps during the execution.

We have to lower the bar until it almost touches the chest and push it up again until the arms are fully extended. Of course, do not bounce the bar against the chest to take advantage of the inertia , since it is a practice that can help to injure us and we do not maintain the adequate muscular tension for the development of the strength. You can also do strength with your feet against the ground to combine greater strength and stability when lifting the bar, but do not take off the hips of the bank as it also carries a significant risk of injury.

  1. Squats

If you want to train your lower body well, the primary exercise you should do is classic squats. For its execution, of course, special care must be taken, as our lumbar muscles are at great risk . You have to have your feet separated at shoulder height and pointing slightly outwards, with the bar that we use resting on the top of our trapezoids.

To perform the exercise, you must lower your hips and knees while the spine remains slightly arched, as if you were sitting in a chair, and tightening the abdominal muscles to act as a counterweight. Keep in mind that the head must always face forward, and the depth of the squat will be determined by the ability to maintain the curvature of the back and keep the feet in contact with the ground.

It is not recommended, because of the risk that it entails for the joints, to lower the knees too much.

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