4 Ways to Become Successful on Dating Sites

Now dating sites like Tinder are preferred to meet new people. Many platforms, such as Match.com, Club505 and OkCupid promise new connections to their users. If you want to reach more people, this article is for you. Here are the ingredients to make you different from your competitors.

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Use photos that clearly show your face

In all matchmaking sites except Club505, the users are using the photographs of their pets. Or a cartoon they found funny. Clouds, mountains, hills … Bull$hit! You should choose photos that clearly show your face lines. Club505 is therefore very different from its competitors. It’s a great site to find an upper class partner. There is a face recognition system on this site and it is not possible to put a picture of something else. After you set your main photo, it’s time for other images. The photographs that express the hobbies that you love provide you with a better understanding of yourself.

Write a short article that introduces you

80% of women in Tinder are advertising their Instagram accounts. It can be an effective way to gain followers. But for men it is not a good situation at all. If you have an interesting job, you are expected to indicate in this area what you are doing and what you like.

Don’t wait for the first message from the opposite party

Women usually make this mistake. Waiting for the first message from the other side will not give you anything. Start a non-personal conversation by making a creative entry to talk. Do not ask too many questions. Try to talk about the situation. Small jokes will work. But do not exaggerate! Also; talking about the ‘ex’ does not work good for either side.

Offer a date after two-days chatting

According to the researches, the ideal interview duration for matchmaking sites is two days. Offer a date even if you’re the female one. Offer him/her to go to a venue where your partner will not always go, or an activity you will not always do. Try to surprise your partner with innovative ideas.

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