Ultimate guide to luxury furniture

The luxury furniture has, every year, had more demand and interest, either by professional decorators or by people who like to read about interior decoration. Although luxury furniture is a very differentiated segment, many people have incorporated at least some details of this type of decor in their homes.

But, after all, do you know what luxury furniture is?

Luxury furniture is custom designed, handcrafted, with the use of hardwoods and fine materials in finishes – capable of inspiring a sense of nobility in the people who have these objects.

Made to order, luxury furniture is unique and unique, designed and designed to meet the needs and desires of a particular customer. Therefore, they usually bring innovative details in the composition of materials and in design.

Comparing with fashion, we can say that luxury furniture is like haute couture pieces – tailor-made to bring more personality and originality to the surroundings, compared to true works of art.

In general, luxury furniture is made by renowned designers, who sign their exclusive pieces, further enhancing their value.

luxury furniture

Are Luxury Furnishings Affordable?

After reading this explanation you should be thinking that luxury furniture is designed for a small portion of the population and that it cannot be used in the decoration of most homes.

Well, just like haute couture, many pieces are produced actually targeting a small portion of the population. However, today there are already many furniture factories that produce luxury furniture, with exclusive designs and noble materials, but with more affordable values. This has allowed more and more people to enjoy the ability to own unique and unique luxury furniture in their decorations.

What are the key features of luxury furniture?

The main detail is the finishing of the furniture that can often be used of craft techniques such as patch work, fuxicos, beehives and amarradinhos, among others. These techniques help make the furniture a unique piece, since it is produced entirely manually and therefore will never be similar to any other piece (different from the furniture we buy in stores).

The woods used in the manufacture of luxury furniture are also different, which gives a superior quality to these products. In general, wood is selected from a high quality rigor and must have documentation of forest origin and be in accordance with IBAMA parameters. The most used national woods are the Pau Santo and the Pau Ferro and the international ones are the French ones like the Carvalho and the Meresier.

Unlike traditional furniture that uses a lot of technology for production, the luxury furniture is made with very old techniques of carpentry, such as marquetry, a secular art of notch that allows to finish with drawings format.

All of these features make luxury furniture true works of art that make any décor different, unique and unique. For those who enjoy authenticity in their productions, having at least one luxury mobile is indispensable.

How to choose luxury furniture?

Since luxury furniture in general has higher values, people are usually afraid to choose the piece because it is necessary to get the right choice and also to ensure that the furniture will be used for a long time.

So, first of all, opt for long-lasting furniture like dining tables, racks or sideboards. You can also choose a chair designed by a renowned design, as long as you are sure to use it regardless of the decorative style you adopt for your home in the years to come.

The problem with luxury furniture is that many people have the habit of frequently changing the decoration of their homes and end up using exclusive pieces because they ‘get tired’ of them. If you have this personality, opt for pieces that can be ‘modified’ over time, such as armchairs that can receive blankets or cushions and dining tables, which you can modify the chairs.

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