Thinking about having a dog at home? Well, know that it is not enough to get the pet and take it to your home. First of all, it will be essential to take some care and make sure all spaces are properly prepared and safe to receive.

It was thinking about who is going through this type of situation, like you, who prepared this post. Here, we list some tips that will certainly make your home a place where your dog will be properly protected. Check out:

Safety Tips for Those Who Have Dogs at Home


Make sure all rooms in the house are safe

The first step is to check what dangers each room in your home can offer the dog. Do drawers open easily? Do I need to buy locks for the doors? What to do in the kitchen to prevent it from approaching the stove when it is hot? Does the garage have any items that might come in to hurt you?

These and many other issues should be addressed before the pet arrives at your house. Try to buy The Best Wireless Fences For Dogs from here

Never leave dangerous objects within reach of the pet.

As soon as a pet starts to inhabit our home we must change some habits. Observe if dangerous items are within easy reach is one of them. It is very important to make sure that small, toxic or sharp objects are stored in locked places to make it difficult for your dog to find them.

This tip is useful even for those who have a home network. In a moment when no one is paying attention to him, as in the middle of the night, he may feel the curiosity to get into it and, because he cannot get out, suffocate.

Do not allow the dog to be alone in a pool

The pool offers many dangers to both humans and pets. It is not because there is the “puppy dog” that every dog ​​dominates the ability to swim. Because of this, it is imperative to keep an eye on when your dog is in a pool or take the necessary actions to prevent him from getting into moments when there is no one around – a tip is to put on a sturdy cover to cover the pool.

Also, dogs with a flat nose, such as the Pug or the Bulldog, may not be able to breathe while swimming and thus drown.

Put screens on all windows

This tip is usually more suitable for cat owners, but is also very important for those who have a dog as a pet, especially for those who live on higher floors and with a balcony.

Some dogs may feel attracted to a bird, for example, and be able to jump high and long distance. So, it does not hurt to take this kind of precaution.

Take extra care of what you can ingest

In addition to small, toxic and sharp objects, which we have already mentioned, redoubled attention to what he can ingest is more than indicated. Beware of foods that are banned and also with the medicines, which can intoxicate them. Cleaning and hygiene care items should also be kept very well.

Know which plants are toxic to animals

If you have plants at home, it is very important to know which ones can poison your pet. That way, if he has the curiosity to mess with them, he will not be in danger.

Make sure it does not get cold or very hot

Being sure that your pet will not get cold or hot is another care that should enter the care list of those who have dogs at home. Make sure the location in which it will spend most of the day provides a pleasant temperature. The most suitable is an environment that has moments of shade and also of sun.

Also, do not leave the water container exposed to the sun or walk it in a place that has wind currents.

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