5 Interesting ways to memorize Multiplication tables for kids

Hey Everyone! Today I’ll tell some of the easy ways to learn multiplication tables for kids. It’s a piece of cake! I’ll make it easy for your kid to learn and memorize the multiplication tables quickly.

I’ll try to make it short but effective and I hope after reading this you will know that multiplication tables just looks like difficult but they’re a sweet dish in which you just need to add some sugar. I mean you just need to make them interesting.

Enough talk! Let’s get our hands dirty!

Multiplication Tables for kids – Piece of cake

Yeah you read it right; tables are so easy that I call them a piece of cake. So we should discuss the ways now, they’re old but they’re helpful as always. I’ve told them before but today I’ll try to discuss them briefly and make them totally understandable for all of you, Stay with me!

I’ve mentioned the 5 interesting ways below:

  • The pictures and stories give kids a quick overview of anything and they memorizes it quickly, Build a technique like that to make math interesting for them.
  • Animated memory video: Ask your kid to watch short animated picture/video about every fact he/she learns about multiplication.
  • Understand the basics
  • Practice makes the man perfect: Ask your kid to practice everything he/she learns from the instructor or from any blog.
  • Practice with a game: Play multiplication games on the internet, or play with toys related to math.
  • Learn with tunestimestables dot com which is a great place to learn Multiplication tables for kids.

These were only some facts to learn tables quickly, there is much more to it! And the most important thing is to track your progress, if you don’t see where you are going you can’t succeed!

Furthermore watch YouTube videos and learn from them, there are many tutorials related to multiplication on YouTube and they do help you in math! Always remember nothing is difficult when you have motivation and determination to do the task. If you’re a parent then try to motivate your kid even if he’s going on slowly still try to teach your kids that just keep practicing tables and eventually math will be a kid’s play for you.

Why is it Difficult to learn Multiplication Tables for kids?

There comes the most important question that why does a kid find math and multiplication tables difficult? Every day my kids bring some work from school that they have to memorize by the next day, and when the day they have to learn math they just say that “I hate math” But then I’ve applied these ways and they worked for me like a charm, Try it once and thanks me later!


I think I’ve already mentioned all the facts that you needed to know about how to make it easy to learn tables and I think you will not find math difficult anymore, Make it fun in some way don’t stress yourself with the tension of learning mathematics, It’s not that difficult! I’ll try to cover more tips and tricks in my upcoming articles. So Stay Tuned!

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